Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Riley Kellogg

 So I married my most favoritest boy, Riley Budd on December 29, 2012
Its April- I know- but life happens
and Life is GOOD!!
Marriage was not at all what I expected, but I love every minute that I spend with my husband. 
We love to watch movies, our two most recent favorites were
Wreck it Ralph- we watched it twice in a row
and 42 (The Jackie Robinson story) < Hilarious!
( ^ just a hint of sadness, you've been warned)

okay, so get ready for a recap for the last four months our life together (mostly photos)
Christmas with the Kellogg's
Riley got the free runs he wanted (aka- I'm the best fiancee ever!!!)
Christmas day- love this boy- 4 more days!
The Wedding
 It was wonderful, we were surrounded by people that we love :)

It poured buckets that day
so we took pictures at the reception venue. not too shabby eh?
my bouquet for the Oklahoma reception :) Thanks Alma's Flowers
The Los Angeles Temple--he's mine forever :)
Back doors of the temple- our families were soaked :( troopers, we love them
Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg
I just love him 
Pulling the dash from the ice cream- it got all over my face and hair- o well!
I am the luckiest girl in the world!! And ladies be sure to tell your husbands that every day because then they live up to that standard ;]

We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with the Kellogg's, We went to Sea World, and we went to Disneyland with My Mom and Dad (Paul and Michelle) and my brothers and sisters, and niece and nephew! Everywhere we went was packed because it was the holidays!! Craziness

Riley had 2 dozen red roses waiting at our hotel when we got  there- he is the sweetest!
We stayed at the U.S. Grant and it was so beautiful, I wish i would have taken pictures in the lobby
They had the most gorgeous chandeliers

we went to Sea world one day after Christmas and they were still doing their Christmas shows!

We waited in line to ride Cars for over 2.5 hours!
Hard to tell in the picture, but that is little Capri up front (behind the cars eyes)
 it was a little fast

We got back to Provo and then flew to Oklahoma for our reception
I am still waiting on pictures from that reception, I will upload them when they come

I think Riley was frustrated with me
or at least trying to be!

Life= school and work for me and full-time job for Riley
Did I mention he was the best on his team every week!!
Born to do sales

Sometimes Riley wears things like this... all day
it's days like this I pray he doesn't leave the house
We got this sweet pink couch for FIVE dollars at a BYU surplus sale!!
So I slip covered it and made some cute pillow covers. Cute 5 dollar couch
This is our bed, sitting on the floor
starving students or just cheap?? you decide
this is our dining area, no table, just bar stools
only because we are gypsies and are going to move a lot
These pictures are for my mom really. She didn't get to see my apartment
Our bookshelf
pretty much the only decoration in the house at that point
Valentine's Day
I took Riley my favorite truffles on Valentine's day :)
Our Valentine's trip to go snowmobiling, so fun and so beautiful! 

lunch at Daniel's Summit Lodge

cutest room with a fireplace
too cold to go outside in the rocking chairs
Then there was my 22nd birthday! 
Birthday dinner with my best friend Lauren
seriously best dinner ever

my birthday dinner with this silly guy
We love Benihana

My birthday present from Riley Budd
he picked them out himself- love him!

I broke my prong on my ring washing clothes and Riley
picked it up for me when I was working. Just like new!
Sometimes we make cheeseburgers and  they are always the best

Easter Sunday- I was so sick
Happy three months to us!

lunch love notes from Riley

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Riley practically made the decision for me, but it has been great!!

Mary Kay gifts

More to come this summer- now that I am going to be a more dedicated blogger I hope!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fishtail Sunday

So Lauren wanted to take some pictures of our church outfits yesterday, 
so I was more than happy to throw a hand on the hip and cheese it up. 
I got a lot of compliments on my Anthro dress and my fishtail braid.
I got the dress on sale for $35 and added the navy lace extension on the bottom to lengthen it.
The braid was very easy, but sadly I did not find a tutorial for it on Pinterest. 
It just kind of happened on accident one day when I was home. 
So, here is how you do it. Sorry no step-by-step pictures!
Try not to judge my crooked braid :/
1. tease your crown and comb smooth. 
2. Find an elastic and put your hair half up, making sure that the back of your hair is smooth
3. I always like to pull some hairs out of the ponytail to make sure my pouf is even, haha!
4. Hairspray the top, not too much!
5. start with the hair that is not in the ponytail and fishtail braid from both sides around the half ponytail. 
6. you can braid all the way to the end or be lazy like me and do a shorter braid. 
7. Done and done. Looks cute plain, or with a headband, and even under a baseball cap. 
ALSO, if you are going to wear a bright lipstick, make sure that you keep the eyes simple. 
I just used a nude eyeshadow on my whole eyelid and then did a thick line on top and put on mascara. 
Don't forget blush! You don't want to look ghostly this summer!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Skip To The Good Part

This post is a recap of the past week, please excuse the picture quality-- all photos were taken on my phone, and I am sure the camera had nasty fingerprints on it all week!!
Riley drove into Provo on Monday all the way from North Carolina; that's a 36 hour drive y'all!
I was so excited to see him. It was my first day of work and I didn't get off til 9. 
I didn't think he was going to get into town until about ten o'clock, but he actually got in at six. SNEAKY!
He went to my house and got Lauren's help setting up a plan...
He walks into Jos. A. Bank at 8:15 and leaves a note for me. 
It was an invitation to meet him at The Happy Sumo for dinner after I got off work. 
As he was walking out my manager figured out who Riley was (since work was slow and I talked about him) and he let me leave early. 
Riley had a dozen red roses in his truck; he had planned to wait for me to meet him at the restaurant.
We ate some delicious sushi!
On Tuesday we went to Ogden to play with CapriLee and Hayze.
This girl is the sassiest! She wanted to eat at Costa Vida, so we all went to lunch together.
 On Wednesday morning I cut Riley's hair and then we bought some sunscreen and snacks and went to Seven Peaks. They almost didn't let me in with my cheez-its, but then the guy said "Oh, you must be hypoglycemic, have fun!" I didn't ask questions...
We rented a tube and did all of the slides; Riley's favorite was the one that he rode backwards--should have seen his face.. he thought he was dropping to his death! It was a lot of fun. 
We headed to Salt Lake for the He Is We concert and ate at The Cheesecake Factory first.
The menu was literally a textbook, so with a little guidance from our waiter we got some delicious food. 
Riley couldn't get enough of the bread, but I think he liked the butter more.
I ate about a quarter of my meal and then Riley ate some of it, but I ate all the mushrooms off of his plate. SO GOOD! Thank you aunt Jenny for my love of mushrooms :]
We were too full to eat dessert so we got a slice of red velvet cheesecake to go. 
We finally got to the concert after I got us lost and we went two miles in the wrong direction.

South Jordan, the second band that played was awesome! They were so entertaining
Here is one of their songs
The third band should have quit before they played their first song. It was terrible, but it got everyone even more excited for He Is We.
Turns out the lead singer for He Is We is sick.. so this girl filled in for he and did a really good job.
Just kinda strange that the lead singer wasn't there. It's like going to a Taylor Swift concert and they are like- "O, hey, Taylor isn't here but this girl is gonna sing her songs".. strange
 Skip To The Good Part
Fun- We Are Young & All About US
I thought Riley just brought me to the concert because I love He Is We so much, but he was singing along to  half of the songs that they played. It was so much fun! I think we were the only college kids there. So many high school mullets. It was entertaining to say the least.. 
On Wednesday we ate red velvet cheesecake for lunch.. oh yeah, and some of the leftovers too ;]
Best cheesecake of my life. I ate all of the cream cheese icing off the top!
I don't know how three days went by so fast, but I had so much fun!
ps- The concert was two days ago and my ears are still ringing!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY Mint Jeans

This is my first shot at a DIY tutorial, so please don't judge too harshly and leave some comments for the next DIY post.

 My cute roommate is quite the photographer!!
 I refused to be cute in these pictures, because she made me change out of my sweatpants :(
For those of you who follow Lauren, you already saw a post about our awesome mint pants.
Here is a step by step tutorial with what to do and what not to do!
1. Purchase a pair of white pants, preferably a cotton blend.

2. Wash and dry them like you would your normal laundry.
3. Pick a color from this awesome RIT color swatch link. There are color tabs at the bottom of the page that you can click through and then just click the swatch you like for the color mix measurements.
Here is a screenshot of the mint mix: 
1/2 teaspoon of Teal RIT dye and 1 teaspoon of Lemon Yellow

These are the powder versions, I found them at Hobby Lobby
Wear gloves and be very careful because they color will stain everything!!
4. Measure two cups of hot water and mix measured amounts of dye into the water. Stir consistently until ALL the powder is dissolved, otherwise you will see yellow and blue spots on your pants like I do. oops!
5. Fill a bucket or a sink with hot water so that the pants are completely submerged with room to move around. Then place the pants into the water and make sure all the fabric is completely soaked (for even coloring). Again, I FAILED! In this case, bigger is better. I recommend a mop bucket, not a tiny sink.
6. Pour in color, giving it one final stir just to be careful. Then mix the color into the water very quickly to avoid spotting. This is crucial. No time to stop and take cool pictures like this one, we learned our lesson. Just use your gloved hands to mix it. 
7. Make sure to really move the pants around or you will have light and dark spots! Not good!
8. Let it soak for about 15 or 20 minutes and then rinse the pants in warm water and progress to colder water with every rinse. You want to rinse until the water runs clear. 
9.Then wash the pants SEPARATELY, unless you want to destroy some of your clothes by adding them to the same wash.. The choice is yours, really.  
10. While your cute pants are washing and drying wipe everything down with bleach otherwise your Mom will probably get mad at me for posting this and causing you to destroy her sink and countertops!! 
11. Wear those cute pants and love 'em, and when people ask you where you got them-you can say, "I dyed them myself, No Big Deal!" Very impressive!!