Wednesday, January 5, 2011

James Marsden

So James,
I saw you at the airport . . . and then you were on my plane.
Did you have a good time with your family in Oklahoma?
I was a little concerned when you apologized for your child
tripping over my sewing machine.
I was not concerned about the tripping, mostly concerned
about the child. . . and the other child that seems to belong to
you. O yeah, I forgot, and YOUR WIFE. Pretty sure I dib'd
the title of MRS. JAMES MARSDEN when I was like 12.
I was just waiting for the wedding to become legal.
Meanwhile, you get married and have 2 adorable little children.
If I had known that I was talking to you, then I probably would
have fallen over in the presence of your hotness. So good thing I
responded to your unnecessary apologies and then looked
unknowingly into those beautiful eyes. That is when I almost fell
over in shock and awe.

O, and James, if you are reading this. Thanks for sitting 4 rows
in front of me preventing any chance of me sleeping on the plane.
You stood up 3 times to get food out of the over head compartment
for your children and walked past me once to throw something away.

The lack of sleep was well worth it :] Stay beautiful

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