Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby

I hope this blog post finds you sipping hot cocoa with the ones you love most.
It has been so wonderful to be home with the family this week.
It has consisted of new memories and old traditions.
On Monday we took family pictures for the Christmas cards and I am pretty sure it was the most beautiful day of the year :)
On Tuesday we went to do some last minute Christmas shopping in Norman. I got a gift for my roommate exchange--I am pretty sure I am more excited than my roommate will be! We ran into a lot of friends while we were out shopping. We also attended an open house for a wedding and went to dinner with Nate and then met his crazy puppy that clearly does not favor Jena or myself.

On Wednesday Kennedy and Sadie came over and watched movies with us and I ran a few errands for Christmas gifts that will be revealed later!! I am excited :]

Thursday was great! I finished all the Christmas gifts and a wedding gift for my friend Brenna that just got married. She is too cute, I will attach a pic of her and her hubby Kris.
There is only one downside to all of this gift making--my muscle in my shoulder is suuper sore. Jena and I went to dinner with our friend Stephanie at my favorite mexican food restaurant- Tarahumara's. It is so dang good! I was so full and so happy :]
We are addressing Christmas cards and watching Little Giants as a family then making Christmas candies all day :]
We are having Uncle Mike's family over for dinner tonight.
We like to keep things traditional so we are having Taco Soup, haha!
More posts are soon to come

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