Monday, June 4, 2012

Fishtail Sunday

So Lauren wanted to take some pictures of our church outfits yesterday, 
so I was more than happy to throw a hand on the hip and cheese it up. 
I got a lot of compliments on my Anthro dress and my fishtail braid.
I got the dress on sale for $35 and added the navy lace extension on the bottom to lengthen it.
The braid was very easy, but sadly I did not find a tutorial for it on Pinterest. 
It just kind of happened on accident one day when I was home. 
So, here is how you do it. Sorry no step-by-step pictures!
Try not to judge my crooked braid :/
1. tease your crown and comb smooth. 
2. Find an elastic and put your hair half up, making sure that the back of your hair is smooth
3. I always like to pull some hairs out of the ponytail to make sure my pouf is even, haha!
4. Hairspray the top, not too much!
5. start with the hair that is not in the ponytail and fishtail braid from both sides around the half ponytail. 
6. you can braid all the way to the end or be lazy like me and do a shorter braid. 
7. Done and done. Looks cute plain, or with a headband, and even under a baseball cap. 
ALSO, if you are going to wear a bright lipstick, make sure that you keep the eyes simple. 
I just used a nude eyeshadow on my whole eyelid and then did a thick line on top and put on mascara. 
Don't forget blush! You don't want to look ghostly this summer!

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