Friday, February 25, 2011

20 Birthday Wishes!!

February 25, 2011. .
the day that
the random kid at Jump On It
were born

It is truly a day of celebration, so I am blogging about it :]

My day was splendid. It started this morning at 5 am. I woke up a brand new woman; no longer a mischievous teenager. . . :]
I studied for a bit and then the fam called to wish me a Happpy Day!
I went to work at the MTC and one of the elders liked my hair today. Hmm.
Elder Heddick (headache) he does not exist, said Happy Birthday via another Elder (the one who created this fictional missionary)
After work I sat through one quick lecture, studied for a test, and then ACED it!!!
The guy that gave me my test even told me Happy Birthday, he saw it on the computer screen obviously.
I went to Jump On It with Brad and Ben for IMPACT (I am a mentor, it is legit)
The kid who refused to give me a Birthday discount informed me that today is his 18th b-day.
Ben hit me in the face with a ball 20 times for my big day. I guess it is better than spankin's

When I got home at 7 I heard Justin Bieber music playing in my apartment.
I walked in to an animal print themed party.
The roommates spent all day cooking sweet pork burritos and sopapilla cheesecake.
It was so delicious! Lauren got me the best birthday card ever and got a ton of awesome people to sign it. The card reads "I won't suck it in if you don't. You aren't sucking in are you?"
I spent 5 minutes reading the fabulous card and then Lauren screamed so I opened the gift.
I SCREAMED! It is the best Justin Bieber shirt of my life! Best 20th b-day ever.
ALSO, Caitie cleaned the entire apartment while I was gone this morning and put a cute message

This is Justin LAUREN Bieber from last weekend. Isn't

This is my 20 birthday wishes- wishlist
1. I wish the fam was here
2. I wish it was warm, and that I was in Mexico
3. I wish Justin Bieber was 20, hahaha jk jk
4. I wish Costa was free and that they delivered
5. I wish I wasn't addicted to chocolate
6. I wish my skin didn't hate me for #5
7. I wish #5 didn't make me fat
8. I wish my eyelashes would grow faster
9. I wish I had a rod curling iron
10. I wish Ogden was 8 minutes north instead of 80 miles north
11. I wish Jimmer would send me a card and invite me to shoot around in the Marriott
12. I wish I required less sleep
13. I wish CapriLee had a baby brother or sister
14. I wish Roo lived in Provo
15. I wish Uncle Ster was okay with #14
16. I wish Lauren had perfect hair and makeup everyday
17. I wish California and Oklahoma were closer to each other
18. I wish BYU granted spring breaks
19. I wish I was a little bit taller
20. I wish the next 20 years are as great as these 20 have been :]

Dear facebook friends, thanks for the flood of birthday love!
Please make this day perfect and follow the blog. It is soooo easy

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