Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Christmas. . .


The day just got more and more wonderful as the day progressed :]
We made lots of candies and then Uncle Mike's family came over for dinner.
(Papa Dickie, Uncle Dennis, and Aunt Kelli)
Megan and Myself
Uncle Mike
Kelli and Dennis
Uncle Mike, Hunter, and Jena
We ate Taco Soup and opened secret sister gifts
and the most secret tradition presents in the family- PAJAMA PANTS!!

Megan and I had each other for secret sisters and she got me an adorable cardigan and earrings
and I made her a temple block with a picture of the San Diego temple and got her an i-pod car player thing.
Hunter got Jena an i-pod player thing as well and $20 in ones all rolled up.
Jena got Hunter the cutest peacoat ever!
I also made Uncle Mike's Christmas/and Birthday Present (they do fall on the same day) Aunt Jenny requested that he open it tonight. I did not argue that idea :]
All in all it was a great Christmas Eve!
Have a Merry Christmas

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