Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LACE, up to my FACE

So remember the truckload of lace I talked about?
Here is a little sneak preview :]
I have so many project ideas shuffling through my brain right now

Good thing Aunt Mel didn't know about SAS Fabrics when she was here
She would have died when she saw that warehouse wall to wall with lace, fabric, elastics, and beautiful things
It was like manna from heaven!!

This is what I was able to snag in the 30 shopping minutes I had before they closed 
can't wait to make skirts and shirt dresses

Lauren is going to do back flips for this

I want to put this over a navy pencil skirt

Just peachy :]

Jena will love this

Hello navy ruffle skirts

can't resist the red

Favorite find of the day
Got any ideas?? Let me know!


  1. Where is this SAS Warehouse? Or are you in Oklahoma right and ruining my life because this store isn't in Utah?

  2. Emily, It is in Arizona. So not too far from Utah. There are 3 of them here I think. They need to go online! I bought the skinny lace for 25 cents a yard and the big pieces of lace were $2 a yard! SO CHEAP! I only looked in a quarter of the warehouse too. This is the link to their homepage
    Let's just roadtrip the end of August. My uncle has a 15 passenger van.. haha!

  3. oh so lovely!! I'll have to check out that website. I've mostly stuck to baby blankets and aprons when it comes to sewing but I want to start sewing more clothes and refashions for myself. We need to have a crafternoon when you get back here. We can get a bunch of people together and have everyone bring things they've made and things they're working on to show everyone. I love seeing what other people come up with.

  4. lovely lovely lace! I mostly stick with blankets and aprons when it comes to sewing but I want to start making cute clothes/refashions for myself. We should totally have a crafternoon when you get back here. We can invite all our crafty friends and we can all bring things we've made and things we're working on. I love seeing what other people have made :)

  5. Crafternoon! I love that idea. I think I spend as much time looking at cute DIY blogs as I do on my sewing machine. There is always something more that I can add to my projects, even if it is just a cute necklace or headband! Let's crafternoon in August sometime!