Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mullets and Diving Babies

I have not blogged in what feels like months.
Here is a recap of what has happened in the last few weeks. 
Raysh got a mullet. . .
Real cute, right?
Speaking of cute, this little toeheaded baby made us laugh last Sunday in sacrament when he ran along the pews to the front of the chapel when he skidded on his face and came to a sudden halt. . .
As we anticipated the tears that would follow, 
he jumped back to his feet, 
looked back and laughed at his mother, 
and ran up the stairs to the podium. 
We laughed as we replayed the fall over and over again in our minds

This Sunday his family sat right in front of us and Eryn and Hunter played with him and tickled his arm and he almost fell asleep. 
I have decided that I want a baby with white-blonde hair!!

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