Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell to Hooper; a final week

This week was pretty busy, but mostly fun.
Tyler is home from his mission in Argentina.
It was fun to catch up with him and to see old friends and make a few new ones!!

 I finally did it!! I got rid of a ton of summer clothes that I never wear. 
I am going to have a yard sale soon at my new complex.
In total there are 
about 10 pairs of jeans ranging size 6 to size 10
30 shirts and tops ranging size small to size large
10-15 dresses and dress-shirts
a few skirts
and I will have a few SURPRISE boutique items!!

 This is what is left. I still have PLENTY of clothes and enough denim and skirts to last a lifetime!!

On Monday Chance and I drove to Brigham City to fly. 
I have never flown with Chance and I was really getting pumped up to ride in one of those tiny planes. 
He opened the hanger and said "Uhhh, where's my plane?" 
Turns out it is being maintenance'd in Bluebell. 
I was sorely disappointed :( 
Next time, Chance. . Next time
Chance making calls to find the plane 
Wild Birds? This is definitely President Packer's home!

The new temple in Brigham, still under construction
Eryn dyed her hair. Yes this is the actual color it turned out.
We just call her The Little Mexican.
I guess Utah is a whole new world!
 The pony clips are my favorite!
 My greatest accomplishment this week is my t-shirt quilt. 
I think it totaled between 15 and 20 hours of blood, sweat, and tears. 
Literally though. 
I kept stabbing myself with pins, I cut my finger with my ginghers, and I ripped a slash in my leg with a pin when I was trying to sew the batting in.
 Now all we have to do is tie the quilt. Anyone want to get in touch with their G-Ma skills?! 
Just come on over :]
 I moved all my belongings to my new apartment in Provo last night.
Uncle Ster was kind enough to let me borrow his new truck to make moving easier. 
Pictures will be coming soon!

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