Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The T-Shirt Quilt that took over the living room

I decided that it was time to pull out the old sewing machine again
It has been about a week now, ha!
I pulled all of my t-shirts from K-12 out of the attic when I was home
and they totaled about 60 shirts, most front and back. . 
I started cutting out the shirt squares and was exhausted after 4 hours
I swore off cutting t-shirts for the few moments before I tried to put the puzzle pieces together. 
2 MORE hours later I had semi-successfully pieced together 75 pieces of t-shirt memories
I spent an hour sewing and then threw in the towel for the night. 
For the sake of the living room, sewing resumes at 8 am tomorrow morning!!
front print only 
front and back 

the fruits of my labor

thank you aunt Melly for having a mat and rotary cutter

still had about 20 shirts front and back left

this was tougher than calculus

I ran out of room and had to move the couch out of the way

More photos coming soon, O and if anyone would like to donate about 6 yards of Minkee for the back I will be able to sleep in a warm bed and afford food when I go back to school. So cute, but 13 dollars a yard is outrageous!!


  1. Thanks Ness! You are the best, I can't wait to have all of my crafty things in Provo!!

  2. I made one with all my BYU shirts... yeah, it's still waiting to be bound. no fun.

  3. Umm. Bring it to Hooper and we can bind together!! I need motivation