Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vegas with a hint of Class

Las Vegas has a reputation of being very trashy 
Hence the name "SIN CITY"
See for yourself
Rough Road? That is an understatement

Whispering Tree Avenue does not fit the above description.
There is a very  classy house at this location and it is ours for the week!!
I will let the pictures do the talking

Us girls made virgin daiquiris--poolside under the cabana
The boys drank them under the cabana (they should have been in the pool) 
The back of the house- it sleeps 17- there was ONLY 15 of us. Props to Uncle Ster for finding  this treasure
The POOL and waterfall 
Hot Tubby- as Capri calls it

The girls favorite spot

It has been so fun to have our own little resort out back to kick back and relax in!!

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