Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear Elders

Happy Fourth to all of my wonderful Blog readers! I did not have time to post yesterday, but I celebrated Independence Day with some of my favorite people! Shelly Orr and Ezra came to the house along with the Hamilton Family. It was nice to be a hostess to such a successful event. We grilled and I ate way to much of Rosie's yummy dip.

Today after church and a much needed nap, I decided that I was going to set aside some extra time to write a few of my most favorite missionaries serving around the world. I was so excited to see a group of Elders from my Freshman ward at BYU, so I "borrowed" it from Elder Braden Bolton.
I received letters this last week from Elder Tanner Tolman serving in North Carolina, Elder Mully serving in San Jose, California, and Elder Zach Williamson serving all over the place in Virginia!
I am still waiting patiently for letters from friends in Bulgaria, Spain, and Thailand. They are few and far between, but definitely fun to read when they do come.
They are such wonderful examples of dedicated servants of the Lord. O, How I long to be a Sister Missionary if the opportunity arises!!
Almost all of my former "Family Home Evening brothers" are currently serving as missionaries, or are putting in their papers very soon. It is such an exciting time in their lives, and I love to read of their spiritual endeavors.

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