Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Roommates :]

With just 53 more days til the reunion of the four best matched roommates on the planet, I decided to dedicate this post to Mandy Whittington (Pooperton), Lauren Woodfield aka L-Woods, yes I just came up with that Lauren. . Surprise!! and the unforgettable, Ashley (Mom) Brocious! I cannot wait to cook and clean in our new apartment at Bountiful Court in these upcoming semesters at BYU :] Okay, I lied about the cleaning part. This much appreciated and most enjoyable summer has left only one longing into my heart; to live once again in Provo with my most favorite girls from Colorado, California, and American Fork. They are truly wonderful, and the two other girls living with us are in for a sure treat this Fall, as they have the opportunity to join in our random kitchen dance parties, and 8:00 bedtimes when Mandy, Ash, and Myself have to rise all too early for work! WOOF! Then there are the weeks that we forget we are mere mortals, and unlike The Cullen Clan - we cannot run on endlessly without sleep! I am excited to know what adventures Sophomore year has in store for us!


  1. haha. i'm glad i now have another nickname. hooray. i cannot wait to be reunited. The fabulous four!

  2. This almost made tears come out of my face. Actually if I didn't like the glee version of Poker Face i probably would have cried. I LOVE YOU LADIES, and year two is going to be the best so far!!!!!

  3. I am so pumped, and I am in love with Glee Poker Face, my favorite song from Season two!!