Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh (Photo) Shoot!

Today was my last day to keep the girls. They gave me the sweetest note ever! They drew a picture on one side, and they wrote me a letter on the other. It said

"Hey! T, You are the BEST! thank you for taking us to the splash pad and swimming. You are the best babysitter ever. and thank you for taking us to the mad-scientist.
Hannah and Haven
The End. I'm going to miss you."

They are so sweet! I promised to give the girls "big girl" makeovers, so I brought them to my house to curl their hair and do their makeup. Hannah didn't think her hair would curl and loved it when it was done, and Haven was crazy about the face glitter that I put on them. It was so fun to dress up, so we did a little photo shoot in the backyard. They are just so sassy! Here are some photos of their BEAUTIFUL makeover :]

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