Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty Little Ladies

So I was browsing through some old photos from Senior year and stumbled upon this picture of Abbey and I. She was in Mrs. Allen's class where I volunteered for Students Out Serving. She is such a doll! I miss all of those kids so much, they always made me laugh, and they have the sweetest spirits and testimonies of love. I watched them learn and grow, and I learned so much from them too! Abbey was always waiting to greet me with a big hug and a "Hi, Miss Tara, I like-a your shoes, and your neckwace, and your bwacewets, and-uh your hair and uhh.. can I wear you bwacewet??" Then when I said yes, she would jump up with more excitement than I have ever experienced in my 19 years of life! She was the sassiest little thing in the class, and I just adored her.

...And speaking of adoration, I was just chatting with Sydney Woodfield on facebook, and I just love that girl. She is so sweet, and it is suuper fun to have someone look up to you!! I met Sydney in April when Lauren and I surprise visited her family. We all went to the beach together and chased seagulls away from our snacks. We ate tons of fruit, and picked every last orange from her Grandma's orange tree. I am so glad that Lauren and I are such good friends, and that I was able to spend a few days with her family, and her pretty little sister, Sydney!
This is Sydney and little Serina :]