Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laughter is the Heart's Best Medicine

Last Night I Cried Myself to Sleep. . .
. . . and so did my roommates :]

We laughed at youtube for videos for a good half hour,
then went on to quote them for another half hour as we attempted to fall asleep.

At this point it is 11:45 and I am laughing so hard I am sweating.
So I jumped off my bunk and opened the window. . . .
. . .But I couldn't walk away.

There was a young, naive couple outside with their hoods on being a little too cuddly.
I attempted to make out who it was. . .no pun intended :]

Pretty soon Caitie and Mandy were next to me with their glasses on trying to solve the mystery.
We chuckled to ourselves and then I had a thought.

When Mandy and Caitie were in the most intense creeper mode--
I ripped the blinds up-and amongst the ruckus-Caitie got hit in the face and fell on the ground.
I literally could not breathe because I was laughing so hard.

Then we all crawled in bed, ashamed, and laughed so hard that we cried ourselves to sleep!

It was almost as funny as when Fat Monica came to visit :]

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  1. hahahaha I just was flipping through some of your blog posts and this one is a GEM! Totally forgot about this! too good. i miss these days :)