Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calling all Baby (Bopper) lovers

For those of you who gush over the ridiculous cuteness of babies
with their over-sized heads and teeny little bodies. . .
This one's for you...

Last week I took CapriLee pants to Raysh's baseball game.
We had to drop Raysh off an hour before the game started
and it was just TOO HOT to sit outside for a WHOLE HOUR before the
90-minute game even started.

So Capri and I headed back to the car to make an ice cream run to Country Corner
(i-lick as Capri calls it)

I unlocked the passenger door to throw Capri's "diaper" bag in,
and she jumped in the car and climbed into the driver seat.
she then said-
"Pri drive, Ta-duh tarseat"
TRANSLATION- "Capri drives, and Tara sits in the carseat"
I laughed as she reached up and grabbed the steering wheel.
"Uh-Oh, Busted!!"

Watch for the disastrous cake pops to be blogged soon!

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