Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear Mexican Food,
Why are you so stinkin' delicious?
and why do I crave you so badly after the sun has gone down?!

I flew into Phoenix Monday morning to visit my mom and dad and my little brother and sister.
it is so hot here compared to Ogden
Anyway, back to Eriberto's
Last night at about 9 o'clock I got a mean craving for some Mexican food
So my mom and I jumped in the car and made a trip through the drive-through at Eriberto's
strangest Mexican food drive-through ever.
I was surprised by the tasty appearance of all the food choices.
They know how to sell Mexican food. . .
There are 12 dinner platters on the menu and they write
#1 and add a picture of the food!!
(At this point I wanted 1 of everything)
but I settled for a chicken tostada and some chicken and cheese taquitos
I underestimated the heat of the salsa they gave me.
I had a flashback to the Dumb and Dumber scene when Harry and Lloyd use ketchup and mustard to soothe the burn of the peppers they ate.
Instead, I washed it down with about a gallon of water.
Eriberto's-I will be back soon for some more of those delicious Taquitos!!

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