Friday, June 17, 2011

Nathan and KT's wedding

KT, it is finally here-you are officially Mrs. Nathan Stewart!
No more tearing rings off that paper chain.
You were a most beautiful bride,
and I am so happy that I was able to come to your reception.
You and Mr. Stewart are absolutely darling!
I will never forget the day you showed up to my basketball game with these signs. .
Jimmer's got nothin' on me!

At the pinnacle of my awkward alone-ness, when I said my goodbyes
(to you of course, because you are the only person I knew there)
I was pulling out of the parking lot when I saw a car full of familiar faces.
Ashley, Teusch, Leonard, and Bruce
greeted me with hugs and a photo of what I will look like in 15 years.
(Leonard, please be a dear and send me that photo so I can share it with my blog followers.)

I swear I am not six feet tall- just 5'6". . and Ash decided that she a needs a man my size.
Because we fit perfect!


  1. tara you are so cute!! thank you so much for coming!! and coming through the line three times and for your lip gloss :):):) OH how I LOVE YOU GIRL!! :)

  2. Haha! I love you too KT. Your reception was so pretty, and it was so fun to see you. I am sad that Nathan replaced me as your roommate. I will miss our late night talks and random watching of funny videos