Monday, May 9, 2011

Sewing/Crafting Projects

I am taking SFL 403R next semester, and that means I have to do 126 hours of sewing and crafting. Best class ever, right?
So far I have logged 19 fulfilling hours and here is what I got out of it :)
I took 4 inches out of a skirt I Bought at Ross
I made a birdcage veil for Lexi (Marble) Dollar
I made my Easter dress
I made a Rosette headband to wear to Lexi's wedding
I sold 5 headbands last week
I made a rosette shirt that ended up looking like a rug
I redeemed myself from the rug by making the cute pink neck ruffle shirt


  1. oh my gosh. cutest headband of my life!
    how do you do that? uhh i want that.
    and that pink shirt! so freaking cute.
    tara stop being so good at everything please and share a little talent with me!

  2. I will teach you friend! The shirt was so so easy :)

  3. yay! teach me how to headband too?? (:

  4. Everybody that sees the stuff you sew loves it! p.s. that jacks mannequin song just came on and scared the heck outta me! Turns out my volume was on full blast.

  5. Sorry Parley, haha! My music does have a rep for frightening people :)