Wednesday, September 28, 2011

O Capri, She's beauty!!

Last Saturday my favorite girl CapriLee Rose came to spend the night with me!
We had a big day together. 
We went swimming
We played barbies and babies outside on my newly completed t-shirt quilt
We went to the BYU creamery and ate corn dogs and ice cream (i-lick)
She got Sparkle--it is straight up grape soda in pink ice cream flavor
We played games and made new friends
I was exhausted by the time we finally went to bed (9 pm, lol)
She slept in my little bed with me and kicked me all night, haha!
She woke up at 6am and wanted more milk
Then at 7:30 she grabbed my sleeping face and said "TUBBY TIME!!!"
So she was bathed before 8 am, church didn't start til 10:40. .
We went to sacrament meeting and then fed the duckies
they love cheerios!
My home teachers came over and Capri was showing off and giving them the flirty eyes ;]
On the way home exhaustion finally set in and she passed out in her carseat!!
It was so much fun to have her for the weekend, Thanks Dan and Liese :)

Silly faces. .  


Love you guys!!

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