Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween. . It was spooky

So my first Halloween costume was definitely the scariest. .
The pictures speak for themselves
I was a relief society president for the ward social party

Lauren was white trash, Darci was emoooo, and Mandy was. .. well Mandy was Mandy
Then I attended Zombie prom with Vanessa and Darci. . props to Darci for the wounds on Vanessa
I got my make-up tutorial on Pinterest. . How I love thee!

Lani is so fun. She knows how to throw a good party too
Then there was the masquerade with all my favorite people. 
Darci and Lauren and Bruce started the night with me

I spent the three days before the dance on my sewing machine making this dress and mask..
was it worth it? You tell me!
Saunder matched with his purple polo so a picture was more than necessary 

I also helped the 3 stooges disguise themselves as the 3 Musketeers
That would be James, myself, Riley, and Gideon

Did I mention how much I love Lauren?
Chandler and Eryn were also in attendance at the Masquerade, but I have yet to receive any photos from them. I will update soon

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