Saturday, November 12, 2011

It started with a cinnamon roll

I had a basketball game this morning and it was cleaning check day. 
Once I got everything cleaned I decided that it was time to attend to my cinnamon roll craving.
This is the Cinnabon cinnamon roll copycat. SO DELISH!

It did not stop there.
I decided that I wanted to cook my favorite wintertime food- Beef Stew. .
but I was craving Stir Fry. . .
but then I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest for Fried Rice. . .

So what do I do? I cook ALL THREE

They are all delicious, and I now have enough food to last me through the winter!!
I didn't even cry cutting onions!!

Best fried rice of my life. seriously!
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If you want any of these recipes let me know. There are a few from Pinterest and the others are just some I grew up with!

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