Monday, June 28, 2010


A Rainy Monday with Haven (3 years old) and Hannah (7 years old)was exactly what I needed to start my week with a full serving of Laughter. . .

At lunch today Haven decided to be a mean grouch to Tara; she thought her sassy replies were appropriate. I beg to differ. .
I warned the extremely adorable, big brown-eyed, long-lashed girl that a timeout would be served if she continued in her blatant disobedience. This was her reply. .
No, I not goin' to timeout. I will jus' come back and watch T.B. wiff Hannah. And I will hit you if you try to sickle me! (Let it be known that no tickle threats were made). At this point I am fighting back laughter; not sure why a 3 year old telling me off is funny.
While serving her time, Haven fell asleep and was out for at least 2 solid hours!!
She said she was sorry when she woke up (We learned that word in our last timeout session.

We ventured on to the Post office. I ran in with the girls to purchase two stamps! After waiting in line for ten minutes justice was finally served. When we were just on our way out the door - Haven exited with pride exclaiming "I TOOTED BIG, AND IT WAS GROSS!!" I couldn't help but laugh to myself as she taught those slow post office ladies a lesson in quick customer service. Someone had to pay the price.

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