Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom and Dad

I am making arrangements so that I can go to Phoenix for the last three weeks of summer to visit with Dad, Mom, Tori, and Mangas before I head off to school! I am getting really excited because I always have so much fun. Dad is just the sweetest guy, and he is always doing something for the family. In the blazing heat of the Arizona summer he will be out on the grill almost every night cooking something yummy (Dan, you are not invited because I am not eating guts or liver or whatever you duped dad into cooking that night). I love him so much! Mom makes me laugh the entire time we are together, I know where I got my silly sense of humor! We are always crackin jokes and sneaking off on shopping adventures. . .I hope Dad isn't reading this :] We are destined to have a good time between headbands and watches! I luhh her :) Tori and Mang are the best. I see them each summer and they both look about 5 years older. How does that work? I have looked the same since 8th grade! They are both so fun and I love to watch Tori's latest movies she puts together with her friends, and Mangas is going to be my poolside buddy :] I am so excited to see the Ol' Cave-Clan! Counting down the days my friends.

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