Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear John. . .

. . . I hope Jane is a good runner

As a cashier in the MTC I have the splendid opportunity to work with thousands of new missionaries each week.
I now understand why the Lord sends them out at 19.
I really really do love my job. Don't get me wrong, the people I work with are awesome!
However, I could ramble on endlessly about awkward, uncomfortable, and just down right funny stories.
Here are a few highlights, Enjoy. . .

8- the number of times I have been given a mail box number and asked to write a missionary (but only because their family won't write them). . . surprise! further disappointment is on the way; keep checking that mail box. you won't hear from me.

Tropical Dots and Strawberry Daquiri Sobe- what a certain Korean elder bought from my register everyday for 5 weeks. We called him Elder Daquiri :]

here is a conversation from this week.
Lauren- "11:11, make a wish!"
Tara- "I wish it was 11:30 so we could go home"
Random Elder-"I wish it was 2013. . ."


Missionary- "So Tara, (pronounced Tar (the black sticky substance) plus the sound uhhh) Do you have to be a student at BYU to work here in the bookstore?"
Tara- "Yep!"
Missionary- "Cool, so do you go to BYU?"
Tara- "?. . .?. . .?"

Q- "Do you guys sell gum?"
A- "No, you are not allowed to chew gum here."
Q- "I know, but you guys don't have any?"
A- "That's correct"

(MTC Bookstore approx. 7:45 am)
Q- "So is this just a volunteer position, or do you actually get paid?"
A- "It is 7:45 in the morning. . . I get paid."

Just for fun!
So if you have ever been in the Bookstore you know that there are large signs at the registers that read
44 cents U.S. 98 cents INTERNATIONAL

Pretty clear right? Well, for some reason everyone asks where they can buy stamps and how much a stamp costs.
Then they get frustrated when they find out that their 40% discount is no good on stamp purchases. Sorry guys, the Federal Government doesn't issue missionary discounts.

That's all, for now. . .

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  1. Can you please share some more? That totally made my day :) Love you!