Monday, May 9, 2011

Council, Cowboys, Color, and CapriLee

Next Semester is looking good for the Service Council
We have cowboys (and some indians too) ;]
We have ultimate zoom cameras
We picked up a few line dances at the Rockin' R Ranch
and rode a few horses!

Hike the Y
Josh, Allie, and myself (talking about unicorns n such)
Lauren and I Rockin those pocketless, high-waist riders!

Lauren Wo (not to be confused with the above mentioned) has dark(er) brown hair!!
and I have darker brown hands and fingernails (gloves are muy importante!!)

Sorry that I failed to brush my hair that day :]

Little Capri pants isn't so little anymore.
She is so much fun to be around and she is such a big talker.
My favorite is when she scrunches up her face and puts her hands in the air and say"WHAT?!"
Other favorite is when you do something nice for her and she says "Nanks"
The other night she was trying to climb into the car window and when Dan tried to grab her she gripped as hard as she could--here are a few snapshots!

Siddy (english translation- Silly)


  1. i love capri! i am so sad i never got to see her.
    and i lurveee my new hair.a lot. and you for doing it for me. i am so happy you are blogging again!

  2. Thanks, I love yuh too! It is good to be blogging again